SOMOS.arquitectos proposal for 211 social housing units in Padre Ayala (Ciudad Real).

The urban planning designed in 1996 proposed two volumes after the BLOCK typology with a public green space located to the north, visually linked with the future park across the road Ronda del Carmen. We believe that this urban development needs to be better embedded in the city in order to provide greater spatial richness, allowing greater programmatic intensity on the ground floor. The first decision therefore, is to use that maximum built area of 21,000 m2, redistributing volumes according to three key parameters:

1.- The energetic and BIOCLIMATIC behavior guidelines, both of apartments as a minimum unit, and the whole residential complex. Solar orientation, prevailing winds, plant and gardens resources, facades design and the restitution of the occupied ground floor surfaces on the roof.

2.- The location of the building in relation to the future PARK intended to organize and provide environmental quality to this area of the city, interacting with it in a more clear and direct way, and proposing an open space intervention akin to the scale of the facing park.

3.- Its position within the urban fabric, the SCALE and relationship with the adjacent buildings and the public / private space ratio. It's time to endow this area with a powerful icon enabling its location on a larger urban scale, giving the site a new IDENTITY.

Willing to solve these contingencies, we propose a vertical stratification SEQUENCE. As the building rises, its contour and relationship with the surrounding area varies. At a CLOSE scale, three linear pieces oriented east-west give shape to the ground floor, creating intermediate spaces that put the site in relation to the city and defining a POROUS boundary where forested areas and water bodies conform an extension of the facing park. In the MIDDLE scale, these two floors follow a LINEAR distribution drawing a continuous facade that reveals the limits of the site. Finally, at DISTANT scale, the building is transformed into a set of towers that propose an urban ICON, visible from a distance.