SOMOS.arquitectos proposal for a new public sports center in Logroño.

Two key points have determined the development of the project: connection with the urban context (city + landscape) and the program. We have worked looking forward to establish clear relations between the building, the activities it shelters and the limits determined the shape of the plot. The building, despite the assemblage of different activities inside, proposes a clear and unitary image, at the same time close and distant in relation to the pedestrian through the play and gradation of transparent / opaque façades. The entrance is at Estanque Street, the more urban façade, under a large overhang. We pass onto the lobby where you can glimpse the two main activities visually linked through this space: the pool and the multipurpose court. This contact brings the public into the sporting mood. At that point, they can access facilities through a centralized system of winches or they can proceed to the cafeteria at the back of the reception, visually linked with the other side of the site stretching in this way two opposite streets.

SWIMMING POOL. The swimming area is directly related to the park through a big gap. In order to control interferences with the pedestrians, the whole area is lifted 1m. In this way, users inside will always have some privacy against the potential viewers outside the complex. On one end of this area, we can access a large sun terrace on the roof that communicates with the Jacuzzi area on the other end, allowing both parts of the program to enjoy this shared space. In addition, the Jacuzzi area features its own locker room and extends onto an outdoor private patio which also illuminates the main lobby. 

SPORTS TRACK. If we access the courts as a spectator, we will reach the telescopic bleachers. The sports track is at a lower level so as to enable the perfect visibility of the events taking place in it, either from the stands as a spectator, either from the outside thus allowing visual interaction with the passers-by. This space is home to different types of courts and is illuminated through skylights. These are formed by the gap left between the weight lifting rooms and the multipurpose classrooms located at a higher level, which also make the deck structure. Some of these rooms fly over the street conferring power to the volume and highlighting the entrance of the complex. .