SOMOS.arquitectos wins the first prize in the construction of  new stable terraces for the Historical Quarter in Madrid .

Obviously, GLASS is imposed to meet the constraints of the competition, and so says the urban Regulations themselves. The REFLEXION reaches its maximum perfection depending on the position of the light source. During the day, the interior of the kiosk remains hidden behind the crystalline glaze. At nightfall, the lights flashing inside and people chatting and laughing liven up the urban bustle. A second recessed skin, protects the volume from solar radiation during the day and turns into unexpected visual protection overnight. A PLACE, a MATERIAL, a FEELING.   

True transparency of glass only happens when the subject is aligned perpendicular to the reference plane. A slight shift in the arc of 180 ° and that transparency vanishes as if by magic. On our retina, a faint silhouette begins to take shape, a scene which is but a reflection of the urban space that surrounds us. The inside disappears, the outside becomes fully present. This gives the glass and the enclosed volume a chameleon-quality, almost mimetic, it can go unnoticed reflecting its surroundings. In the historical center, this glass reflection unconditionally highlights the architectural value of the site and its historical background. This skin can be completely open, offering the possibility of adequate ventilation and full contact with the outside. 

We define three basic modules A, C and E, which make up the complete volume by adding necessary elements depending on each site. A galvanized steel supporting structure is transported from the workshop and dry-mounted using screws. Two cores in the short ends draw together connections with underground networks: sanitation, plumbing and electricity. They also host an outdoor air conditioning unit and provide minimum storage space for the terrace. The inner skin is made of composite sliding panels with natural wood finish, bringing elegance in tune with the historical background of the site and ensuring long life maintenance. The perforations prevent the feeling of a total isolation and allows constant natural light.