SOMOS.arquitectos has finished a loft in Madrid, in colaboration with Marta Sorribes Gil.

¿Can we achieve living conditions in an old warehouse measuring 20 meter long and 5 meters wide opened to the street only on one side? We are recycling a ground floor space that strives to establish visual continuity from one end to the other. Given the height difference between the main door and the street, plus the need to introduce a private parking and storage, the program is solved through a series of platforms at different levels. A red volume containing the bathroom offers an eccentric core: it orchestrates circulations around itself, establishes a privacy gradient and develops visual connections. We demolished the original roof changing its contour, in order to introduce natural light and ventilation through a large skylight running from side to side. For the same reason, we have "excavated" a courtyard at the back of the original warehouse which also acts as visual background for the dining room.