SOMOS.arquitectos receives an honorable mention in "Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles 6" social housing competition in Madrid (Spain).

MIRADOR is an effective response to the difficult conditions of the program and the site without giving up the needed conditions of sunlight, ventilation and views that qualify the habitable space. This is achieved by means of volumetric fragmentation of the typical airtight block in order to introduce light and views to the distribution areas, as well as each of the apartments, which also enjoy crossed-ventilation. This fragmentation also means increasing the perimeter of the building in contact with the surroundings, thus increasing solar exposure and ventilation through the façaden. 

The apartments occupy corner positions in ALL cases, with a living room that opens to the landscape through a large projecting window, a glazed surface protected by a sliding metal shutters. Night zones step back in the non-binding lineup. 

In an effort to achieve privacy, bay windows from different apartments shift places avoiding facing opposite large glass surfaces. The wet areas are lined up in a band running parallel to the distribution gallery. All kitchens have natural lighting and ventilation through the laundry room.