The proposal is the result of a reflection based on three key concepts, essentially recovered after the typical architectural features that define the urban fabric of the city of San Cristobal de la Laguna.

First of all, the Plaza and its role in the city as a condenser of experiences. We are concerned about the new models of cityscape associated with CONSUMPTION. Based on program requirements, it is necessary to develop a new kind of consumer space adapted to the “neighborhood market” model, but looking forward to create a PLAZA space linked to the immediate context. In order to achieve this idea, we implement a “CONTINUOUS STRIP” housing all consumption activity. 400 linear meters spread over two floors are required to meet the needs of the project. Folding its shape in relation to the given plot, the "continuous strip" will end up giving shape to public space, multiplying possible routes, inside- outside visual connections, public-private partnerships, building new areas of opportunity… a PLAZA to transmit a livelier and more generous feeling.

On the other hand, the PATIO as a cornerstone of Canarian architecture, derived from its unique weather conditions. Taking as its starting point the bottom level of the market, a whole arrange of patios which are carving into the built volume come upwards, allowing the entry of natural light and creating an interior garden landscape filled with native vegetation (cactus, laurel, cardonal, tabaial, palm trees...). These courtyards will serve to organize the program for the top two levels of administrative, recreational and cultural tertiary functions. Depending on the needs, the courts will be an outdoor/indoor space, they will reach the basement level or vary its relationship with the outside. AN ATLAS DESCRIBED BY THE SKY.

Derived from the typically Canarian balconies and wooden shutters, we design a contemporary LATTICE SKIN surrounding the built solid which acts a light controlling device, protecting the interior from over- exposure and thus enhancing the relationship with courtyards. The LATTICE SKIN envelopes the whole building including those courts opening to the façade. In this way, we find a good solution to solve outside alignment while displaying a changing and attractive image to the outside. .