SOMOS.arquitectos has finished a building restoration in Madrid.

The client and owner of the building, LC Goodlife,  wanted to restore the façade to its initial state, preventing it from more deterioration.

The façade is considered as an element to be preserved by the City Council in a Level 3, which means that its environmental value has to be restored due to its situation in the Historical Complex of Villa de Madrid.

The construction  typology of the building is from the first quarter of XX century (1925) which is inserted into Barrio de Salamanca urban tissue, specifically in the neighborhood of Goya. The building design includes all the morphological and typological characteristics typical of the traditional urban tissue of that area of Madrid: a marked grid structure made of parallel and perpendicular streets that defines this part of the city,  which is homogenized with the rest of the façades as a backdrop to the street, with truly noble qualities in general.

The composition of the main facade subject of restoration is defined by a regular arrangement of windows. It is finished in plaster with lime, the usual finish on the area in which the property is located and typical of the time when the building was built.