SOMOS.arquitectos proposal for 80 social housing units in Calviá (Spain).

Nowadays, the three plots belong to three different housing institutions, which have agreed to organize one competition in order to have a single coherent solution, however to be built in three different stages. Thus, we propose to structure all the apartments into two compact linear volumes running along the plot in the west-east direction. This allows combining all the open spaces belonging to each institution into one single big shared square:

01.- The garage takes advantage of the 4 meters height difference between the northern and southern limits to minimize the excavation. Instead of having three garages with three independent entrances, we propose one single access that is implemented right in the boundary between parcels 01/03, so that they can be executed between the different phases.

02.- That same height difference helps defining a large PLATFORM, shared by ALL neighbors, fully open to the south and free to be inhabited and appropriated. It is punctuated by a series of pergolas, game spaces, as well as all necessary surface for phytodepuration by evapotranspiration, following the “French” vertical flow scheme, which does not need a primary treatment system with a septic tank. It also proposes available surface for urban gardens that reinforce the social relationships of the entire community

All apartments are composed through the addition of one single unit or cell: 3,90x3,10 meters. Against the idea of a hierarchical house made up of different monofunctional spaces, we proposed an isotropic house. This allows a proportional growth according to the number of “rooms”, since we are adding cells with equal surface, as well as flexible spaces. A basic network of technical facilities located in the fixed elements provides basic services. Every time, a prefabricated structure is proposed, adjusting to the rigorous modulation of the basic cell, and establishing three different levels:

-Plinth: reinforced concrete structure + load-bearing walls in mares stone, serves as foundation for the light housing cells placed on top.

-House units: cross-laminated timber panels (KLH), made with layers of crossed red spruce boards.

-Public space: textile surfaces mounted on bolted steel metal structure.

In the housing plan, the internal partitions and the enclosure are prefabricated in self-supporting panels, taking into account the constant and repetitive modulation, which guarantees savings during fabrication and installation on site. There are only 6 indoor pieces and two facade modules. The enclosure configures a clear, invariable and unlimited envelope, optimizing its level of execution and implementation, also prioritizing low energy and environmental consumption throughout the process. Once the isotropic base structure is finished, the envelope is complemented by a sandwich of double OSB board with its corresponding finishes, and an extruded polystyrene core of 25 cm.

The use of these systems of PREFABRICATION and SUPERINSULATION, applied together with the principles of the PASSIVE HOUSE and adequate techniques of ventilation and solar control will allow reaching standards of high energy efficiency as well as the reduction of the ecological footprint. The system is also fully recyclable thanks to this constructive technology. It also simplifies deconstruction and dismantling in case of demolition after the expected 40 year’s operating cycle, as all used materials can find again a new opportunity in the market.