SOMOS.arquitectos (Luis Burriel Bielza + Pablo Fernández Lewicki + José Antonio Tallón Iglesias) arises like an openminded association which merges ideas, images and concepts which serve as a base to construct a collection of realities that allow us a free approach to the contemporary urban landscape. We provide specific solutions to specific problems wether we might be working on interior design, building, teaching or researching. We do not believe so much in “styles” as in the sensible experience of the contemporary reality. The expressive richness of each and every one of the associates composing the Studio is a powerfull tool to re-initiate, re-pose, re-think and re-activate the creative process, providing points of view that are not unidirectional or univocal. Processes which serve us as departure points to construct parallel discourses on architecture and its projection in the city.

We rely highly on public competitions, which offer the necessary freedom that might challenge our work. Education as well as Research activities are also other areas of interaction which in the end are necessary to enrich our architectural based firm. The first one triggers the need to establish our own basic concepts, to transmit them to the student and to bring him into a personal experimentation. Research working as a mechanism of personal selection, cultivating those theoretical aspects that feed our praxis. Architects by the ETSAM in 2002, currently developing their Phd. Studies. Assistant Teachers at the Department of Architectonic Projects during four years. Our works have been covered in the press and several national and international magazines (DETAIL, INTERIOR DESIGN CHINA, SPACE KOREA, CHILE ATMOSPHERES, FUTURE, El Mundo, El País…), participating in a wide range of national and international exhibitions (London, Munich, Berlin, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid…). We have received multiple prizes and mentions in architecture competitions, developing a precocious experience in the field of the social housing and new technologies application.