SOMOS.arquitectos wins the first prize in the construction of the Colegio de Abogados New Head Office in Ciudad Real(Spain).

... to promote a much more open and friendly relation with the public, to provide the city with a real service, to show an image of transparency and closeness, the heterogeneity of the program takes shape under a homogeneous, solid and powerful volume, more in tune with the representativeness of the proposed program; a building that helps to create the image of a city, sensitive... how?... an entry hall between two courtyards... embraced by a strip of spaces opened to the public... generate a space to be shared, to get closer to the citizens, or just to gather... the block housing the most private parts of the program rests on top, frames the views, its height provides institutional scale, an image... simple but effective, forceful but human-scaled, rigor... and flexibility... 

The volumetric and compositional clarity reflects the vertical programmatic division a central element in order to highlight and consolidate our building within the proposed urban environment. A first horizontal displacement generates a continuous welcoming open space, where a sequence of covered/uncovered spaces are protected by means of a continuous strip of segregated functions. The front garden works as a transitional space from the street greeting visitors and passers-by. Before entering the premises you can also freely access the cafeteria, recessed at mid-level: a clear and independent entrance which does not visually hinder the first impact of the new headquarters. Following a slight ramp we find a great hall, astounding by its dimensions; the true corporative image and distributor of the complex.